[ooc] Help Needed


Thank you everyone for your interest thus far in helping with 1kWishes. It means a whole lot. This is just a list of things that would be extremely helpful towards the project moving forward;

  • Art for ID Cards: You do not need to draw anything new. If you have old art of…

Why hello there little whale! Well aren’t you the happiest thing ’ U ‘

Gosh, thank you so much dear Anon! It really means a lot hearing that from other people like you ♪~ ^. ^


Hey everyone, I’m now accepting commissions again! I reopened them to raise some money to help me pay for my college tuition this fall, so if you’d like me to paint up something for you, check the link to get the full rundown of my terms, conditions, and pricing for art commissions from me!

Are you filipino?

Yes indeed! Well im only half, but still!


… I’ll be back in like 30 minutes tops; don’t go anywhere